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The generation of server virtualization is upon the universe, and the majority of computer IT managers are employing this new technology, or taking a serious look at its aptitude. This is usually for virtual environments require less hardware, and provide a diverse profile of customizeable security options. Traditional tactics of isolating and securing servers such as network firewalls and Virtual LANs can have major problems in virtualized environments. As technology has grown, companies must follow suit or their expertise to store and protect information, and communicate with others entities will be affected negatively. The integration of VMware is something all businesses should be thinking about. There are many benefits to converting to a virtualized environment, greater security, more transparency, identity aware software, safety zone segmentation, ability to encrypt data in motion, and so on.

Network security software

These computer software setups are familiar to IT managers but they charge organizations to take a silo approach to securing virtual machines, developing more complexity and individual training to already overburdened IT organizations. Network security does not have to be something segregated from the rest of a company. The concepts are not too difficult for the typical person to be aware. There is no account to isolate or specialize a department for the sole purpose of securing VM's. Solutions exist that do not require intense training or a great deal of knowledge on the subject. These forms of security software make network segmentation and zoning very simplistic. The amount of protection access can be set by location in a building, individual work stations, home IP addresses and many other factors. For your entire establishment will be using this network protection software in one way or another, it is critical that all your employees are comfortable and familiar with the platform. There is no need to associate the protection software with hard to be aware concepts and the view that only an IT professional advisor can operate it.

There has been past analysis done on the market that has identified a few interesting facts about the industry. Software developers and vendors who offer security solutions for physical and virtualization safekeeping are always in a promote position than the competition to support recent and future customers. It doesn't make sense for a customer who is interested in protecting their virtual and physical systems to choose a product that can only accomplish the security for one type of network, physical or virtual. Many enterprises believe that by protecting their physical hardware from intrusion, that their data is secure. This is partially true, as their information is secure from an external attack. However, it is well known in the market that most stolen logistics occurs from within a network. Preparing a secure internal network with different levels of safeguard access has never been more crucial than in the current climate. No one wants to believe their employees are willing to sell proprietary logistics, but it happens everyday. To solve the issues of physical and virtual safety, it is always best to choose a establishment that has experience in both fields.

Apani Network Solutions has developed protection software that can secure any virtual machines, physical hardware and end points from a single work station. There is no longer a need for external firewalls, all of the protection measures necessary to create a safe virtual network are available in their EpiForce software package. The ultimate goal of the software is to help large organizations streamline the adoption of VMware servers by creating secure VM's. Virtualization safeguard has never been easier. An entire network can be secured, controlled, changed, and maintaned from one location. Each access point is identity aware, so the movements and actions of employees will always be transparent and easy to track. Loss of general info or a breach of internal network safeguard should never happen again, and if it does, there will be evidence pointing directly at the source of the problem. Keeping a network secure is very eminent, but so is the ease of use and accessibilty. EpiForce provides solutions for both. The software is user friendly, easy to implement, and an industry leader in virtualization safety standards.

Network security software